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theme of the month October 30, 2010
I have added a new theme of the month. This month, november, is going to be choclate and cakes. mmmm yummy! ... [MORE]

new stock October 24, 2010
Hi, i have been making lots more new jewellery, lots of different styles so there is something for everyone. I have also added a new section called... [MORE]

halloween September 27, 2010
The theme of the month for October will be halloween, i will be adding more halloween theme jewellery over the next week :0). ... [MORE]

theme of the month August 30, 2010
I have decided to add a theme of the month to the website and this will be shown in the featured items on the front page. ... [MORE]

Back in business August 16, 2010
Finally swapped server providers for a much improved website, i hope you like it. ... [MORE]