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Ok so i know i haven't blogged much lately but with the kids being off school and with the run up to moving i have had alot on my plate. I hope to start blogging again soon and am currently trying to sort the 'business' out after the summer hols.

So i was sorting through my beads before and i have a big pot of big hole beads which are slight seconds and i can't sell them. They are either  slightly wobbly or may not have a perfect pattern all the way round so i have decided that the first 5 people to pop a comment down will receive one in the post :).

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  1. LisaTaylor

    Hi Jo ur beads are beautiful....truely talented!!! xxx

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  2. kayleigh hunt

    wow Love your new work :D Good luck with the move x

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  3. Tracy

    Love your beads. Haven't got round to buying any yet but ditto on the whole school hols thing. Good luck with the move:-)

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  4. Susan bowyer

    Love love love your lovely beads.x

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  5. ruth duck

    i can't imagine you having orphans the beads i've had from you in the past were fab. spotted your blog link on fb

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  6. Hilary Thomas

    Hi Jo, Such a busy time for you. Hope the move goes well. Take care. x

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  7. lisa

    Hi Jo just found your blog via FB love your banner those beads look very familiar lol Lisa (Infiniti)

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