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  1. Wow it has been so long since i have blogged!

    Well i hope you all had a lovely christmas :), the last few days for me have been spent cooking and washing pots but i have had a lovely time in between and the kids really enjoyed it.

    Latest news is i am having a 25% off sale on most of my items, 231 to be exact.

    I am also in the process of sending of payment for my beads up north fairs so once i do i will let you know the dates.

    I am also (hopefully) getting a new kiln which i will be using for fusing. I say hopefully because i have waited in two designated days now and it still hasn't been delivered so needless to say i am less than impressed with that. I don't have a tracking number so can't call and ask where it is and the shop i ordered it from is shut until 2nd January. Fingers crossed it won't be returned to them and i will have it soon :).

    Well i wish you all a happy new year and i will hopefully blog again soon :)


    I used a random number generator to select the number of the winner and it was..

    drum roll please.....

    number 11

    The eleventh comment was made by Jan Thompson-Beresford, Congratulations!

    Please could you send me your address via the contact me tab and i will pop it in the post to you :).

    I will be doing another giveaway next month so please keep checking back :)